Why Amazon is the Best Website Around

Today, I want to talk about Amazon.  Yeah, amazon.com.  That Amazon.  I’ve done some research on how Amazon works, and how you can buy and sell on their marketplace, and it’s pretty impressive and unique.  Anyone can sell on Amazon, if they have a seller’s account, and of course if you’ve got a credit card, anyone can buy as well.

 They also have new and improved marketplaces where you can buy and sell services, like housekeeping and so on.  I haven’t tried it, but it’s pretty incredible.  They seem to be ever expanding, and nowhere near reaching their full potential.  Hats off to the Amazon Makers.

Let’s talk about Prime Now

They recently (within the last few months) started doing Prime Now, which is a grocery store service.  You can order groceries and other necessities, and they will be delivered to your door in about an hour, or whenever you schedule them to be there.  They’ve also teamed up with Sprouts, a local grocery chain in my area, to get local, organic foods as well.  As a family that is fighting tooth and nail to try to stay away from processed foods, this is a huge asset!Prime Now delivers fresh, local produce to my door!

I know that Prime Now is not available everywhere.  It’s limited to more urban areas.  For example, my mom lives on a farm about 20 miles from the nearest chain grocery store, and Prime Now does not serve her area.  However, I believe Prime Fresh does, which is a different grocery-type service.  No perishables, and not delivered within one hour, I think.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t totally sold on using Amazon in place of other real life marketplaces.  I like going to the store and holding potential foods in my hand.  It’s a farm girl thing.  But then my husband came up with this brilliant plan.

Now, how I save a bunch of money…

Buying discounted Amazon cards saves us a huge percent on our purchases.

Did you know that people get Amazon gift cards or gift credit from somewhere (say a kindly relative or as a bonus at work), and would rather have cash?  They will sell their gift cards or credit at a discounted rate.  This means that you can buy someone’s $100 Amazon card for $80 (or whatever percentage you agree on with that person).  Which means that you’ve just scored $20 in free Amazon bucks, to use on their marketplace as you wish!

This was a pretty cool deal before, but now that Amazon has started with their grocery services, that’s $20 in free groceries now, delivered right to my door when I need it.  I know it seems like Amazon must be paying me to say all of this, but they’re not.  This is really true…I love them a lot right now.  The quality of food that I can order with Prime Now is comparable to what I was buying at the store, and it saves me yet ANOTHER trip back when I’ve forgotten a key ingredient.

I also find that it’s helpful in meal planning (because I’m an awful meal planner), and making sure I have healthy snacks available for my hungry household.  When there’s nothing here but oatmeal and leftover ham, the kids usually will ask to go get fast food, and it’s tough to argue when my dinner plan is to hope something falls out of the sky.  Prime Now saves my butt.

But, it’s not just the groceries…

And, of course, Amazon still has all of the other random goodies that it’s always had up there for sale, though you still have to wait for it to ship.  We buy probably 65% of our household needs from Amazon, because we are able to use this discounted gift card money that my brilliant husband scores off of Craigslist.

Flea Meds for the dogs?  Yup.

Baby toothbrush? We Got this one, and it’s great!

Zip ties for my garden fence?  But of course!

We still do a lot of shopping at Target, or Whole Foods, which I enjoy (because have you been there?  It’s a very zen place).  Because there’s no Wegman’s in Dallas.  We get to sample fruits before we buy them, and pick out the specific roast that we want, and impulsively buy some overpriced, handmade soap that we don’t need.  But the good news is that now, I don’t have to panic when we leave the store and I realize that I never picked up those apples that I needed to make chicken salad with.  I can order them online, and they’ll show up by the time I’m ready to cut them up.

Thank God.

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