3 Reasons Why Mulberries are the Snack You’ve Always Wanted

A few weeks ago, my husband went to see a concert featuring guitarist Dick Dale.  This fellow is in his seventies, and I’m told he was as spry as a 30 year old, playing his tunes like there was no tomorrow.  My husband was quite impressed, and he told me that Dick Dale credited Mulberry Juice as the reason for his excellent health.

Well, that spurred my dear man on a hunt for some Mulberries.  If they can help a guy in his seventies play his music that well, what could they do for a guy in his forties?  For a woman in her twenties?  For a small child?  He tracked some dried berries down at the local Natural Grocers, and they are totally delicious!

Here are three reasons why Mulberries are totally a snack for you to include in your diet, and your children’s:

1. Mulberries are Packed with Nutrients

Just 1/4 oz of dried mulberries gives you 35% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C.  That’s just a handful of them.  That’s amazing.  Other nutrients that they offer are  iron, riboflavin, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium.  They’ve also got resveratrol, which is the nutrient that makes red wine good for you.  They’ve got a ton of fiber, they boost your immune system, they support your heart health, and they are just like a tiny little health powerhouse!

2. Mulberries are Easy to EatMulberries are easy to eat, and packed with nutrition.

I put this in here because my 10 month old is working on feeding herself solid foods, and Mulberries are one of her favorite snacks.  Rather than giving her a whole bunch of rice cereal snacks to practice her fine motor and eating skills, I can break some berries in half and give them to her instead.  They are easy for her little toothless mouth to handle, and they are great for her pincer grip.  She has actually started to point to the dish of “trail mix” that we keep on the table when she wants a little berry snack.

3. Mulberries Taste Awesome

The other day, I told my husband that when his teens and tween kiddos come over for the weekend, we’re not going to be able to keep mulberries in the house.  They will disappear before anyone ever makes it back to their bedroom on Friday night.  His response was, “Better that than a bunch of crap.”  I agree wholeheartedly.  Given a choice between my stepchildren snacking on chocolate bars and pop tarts, or mulberries and almonds, the latter is definitely a better and more preferable option.

What are some ways to eat them?

Some of my favorite ways to eat mulberries are:

  • Mixed with almonds and some dark chocolate chips as a trail mix (a great healthy alternative to sneak into a movie theater, I have found).
  • In some yogurt for some flavor and texture.
  • Pop it in the blender with a smoothie.
  • Plain and dry.  They are a tasty, nutrition packed alternative to raisins.

When we first started buying them, we got the Navita’s Natural Dried White Mulberries from Natural Grocers.  They are awesome, but about $12 for a bag.  We looked on Amazon (which is the most awesome thing ever…), and we found we could get double the amount for the same price from Terra Soul.  Or, because we all chow down on them like candy, we actually bought the 2-pack of them (32 oz of berries) for only $6 more, and it worked out great.

This is the one we bought.

Like I said, you can get the 1-pack here to try if you’re still on the fence about them.

Give them a try, and let me know how you use them and what you think!

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